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I'm excited about education and teaching, both as a way to have a positive influence on others and as a personal passion. By age 17 I was already teaching nine hours straight on a weekly basis, and some of the best months of my life were spent teaching and developing courses 18 hours a day.

Applied Ethics Course

Co-creator and Lecturer (2020-2023)

The Applied Ethics course at Tel Aviv university provided students with the foundations they need to personally drive impact with their choices and resources.

It combines ideas from ethics, economics, behavioral science, exact sciences & more to create an unprecedented toolkit for impact.

I am currently working on a new massive open online course version.

Applied Ethics classroom.jfif

Information Security Course

Lecturer (2018-2023)

I taught the Introduction to Information Security course at Tel Aviv university. The course is one of the most popular elective courses across the university. 

In all years and courses I taught, I received a median lecturer score of 7/7 and am in the top percentile of lecturers at Tel Aviv university.


Debate Coaching

Coach (2012-2019)

I coached the Tel Aviv Debating Society for 7 years, training 10 World Debating Champions and European Debating Champions, alongside hundreds of additional world-class debaters.

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