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I believe in utilizing and influencing technology as a scalable tool for change. Much of my experience is in machine learning, information security, large-scale system design and development, algorithmics, and game theory - but I'm interested in almost all domains in technology (and mathematics).

Karmel group at Google

Founder and Manager (2017-2023)

I founded and grew the Karmel group to 70 people, dedicated to using machine learning for humanitarian, global development, and climate-related efforts. Our Flood Forecasting Initiative covers over 400 million people globally, the Open Buildings Dataset tripled the number of buildings mapped in Africa, Project Green Light reduces CO2 emissions in cities across four continents, and more.


Firstime Ventures

Venture Partner (current)

Firstime Ventures is investing more than $100 million in its current round in climate-focused startups. We've invested in BeeHero, First Airborne, Clarifruit, and more.

At Firstime, I manage technological due diligence and impact evaluation.


Information Security Course

Lecturer (2018-2023)

I taught the Introduction to Information Security course at Tel Aviv university. The course is known for being exceptionally in-depth, hands-on, and practically useful. Over the years, hundreds of students with no prior experience in security got jobs in the industry after taking the course.

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