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I believe in identifying and prioritizing high-impact projects, in a scale-sensitive, evidence-based, thoughtful way.

RAND Corporation

Director of the Meselson Center

RAND's Meselson Center is dedicated to reducing risks from biological threats and emerging technologies.

We provide in-depth, evidence-based analysis serving a wide range of influential policymakers, helping keep the world safe from global catastrophes.


Probably Good

Co-founder and Head of Research (current)

Probably Good provides people with evidence-based and expert-backed advice on how to maximize the positive impact of their career. 

It provides a career guide, specific career profiles, and personalized one-on-one advising for those pursuing impactful careers.

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Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters

Board member (current)

ALLFED is the leading organization globally preparing to support the global food supply in the event of a global catastrophe, including nuclear winter, massive crop failure, extreme pandemics, and more. We identify, pilot, and prepare resilient food alternatives, and help governments and communities implement these solutions.

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