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Effective Altruism

I'm a supporter of the Effective Altruism movement, which aims to identify and push forward the most high-impact ways to positively influence others around us in a scale-sensitive, evidence-based, thoughtful way.

Probably Good

Co-founder and Head of Research

Probably Good provides people with evidence-based and expert-backed advice on how to maximize the positive impact of their career. 

It provides a career guide, specific career  profiles, and other important concepts for identifying and realizing impactful careers.

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Effective Altruism Israel

Founder and Head of the Board

Effective Altruism Israel provides guidance, funding, and tools to help individuals, nonprofits and government agencies in Israel become more impact-driven and evidence-based. Our community includes hundreds of volunteers, we've seeded several high-impact nonprofits, engaged with hundreds of others, and more.


Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters

Board member

ALLFED is the leading organization globally preparing to support the global food supply in the event of a global catastrophe, including nuclear winter, massive crop failure, extreme pandemics, and more. We identify, pilot, and prepare resilient food alternatives, and help governments and communities implement these solutions.

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